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Diamonds are miracles of nature and we make sure that ours are sourced and made responsibly.We support and advocate for sustainability in the industry and ensure that our raw materials come from known suppliers and that our products are created with respect for human rights and the planet. When our clients purchase from us - whether it be a sparkling indulgence, a gift for a loved one, or an engagement ring to celebrate eternal love - they can be sure that they have made a responsible choice. We believe in passing on not only beautiful heirlooms to our next generations, but also a beautiful planet.


In the 1800’s our ancestors were given the family name Parikh (which translates to assayer) by the royal family and were entrusted to be the kingdom’s official assayers to determine the content and quality of precious metals and ores. Over the generations, our family business evolved from assaying to precious metals refining, manufacturing goldsmith machinery to mining diamonds, but the core remained the same.


Parikh Jé as a brand is here to expand into the same industry and use the generational expertise and heritage along with innovation to bring fine craftsmenship and more choices to customers.Discover more about our centuries old legacy in the precious metals and stones industries and how it has evolved over the decades.