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At ParikhJe, we pride ourselves with providing our customers in India with the absolute best in lab grown diamonds.

Our jewellery collection consists of exquisite IGI certified diamonds and GIA certified diamonds. We have lab created diamonds, lab diamonds, or lab made diamonds in India depending on what you are seeking.


Lab Grown Diamonds are stones that are grown in a laboratory or factory as opposed to being mined from earth.

Man-made diamonds, which can also be referred to as synthetic diamonds, cultivated diamonds, cultured diamonds, or artificial diamonds, are products that are grown in a laboratory setting with the help of sophisticated instruments.

While these diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically indistinct from naturally-mined diamonds, they are more environmentally and socially responsible.

The four C’s of diamonds

Cut: The shape of a diamond also plays a big part in its brilliance. The diamonds are carefully polished to achieve the highest levels of brilliance.

Colour: The lab grown diamonds that we offer are available in all the colours between colourless and near-colorless.

Clarity: Clarity is defined by the presence of inclusions or blemishes. We provide you with diamonds of the finest clarity.

Carat: Carat relates to the weight of a diamond. We have diamonds in various carats to meet your desire.

Explore the ideal diamond for your jewellery at ParikhJe in India, where our lab-grown diamonds offer the perfect balance of elegance and sustainability.  



They are genuine diamonds synthesized artificially in laboratories and are chemically and physically similar to natural diamonds.

Yes, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, they are chemically, physically, and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds.

There are two chief laboratories that offer gemological certification, namely IGI and GIA, although the latter is considered to be the most prestigious among them.

CVD diamonds are synthesized through the Chemical Vapor Deposition where carbon atoms are grown on a substrate to make up the diamond crystal.

Yes, lab grown diamonds are said to be more ethical and more environmentally friendly as opposed to mined diamonds.

Jewelry Reviews

Customer Reviews

Our customers love their lab grown diamonds from ParikhJe. Here are some of their experiences:

Sophia R.
"I am thrilled with my lab created diamond ring. The sparkle and brilliance are amazing. ParikhJe exceeded my expectations!"
James T.
"The IGI certified diamond I purchased is stunning. I am impressed with the quality and craftsmanship."
Lena K.
"The customer service at ParikhJe is top-notch. They helped me choose the perfect GIA certified diamond for my engagement ring."