5 Reasons to Buy a Lab Grown Diamond

5 Reasons to Buy a Lab Grown Diamond

Here are five reasons that may influence you to choose lab grown diamonds:
  • More affordable
Lab grown diamonds are much less expensive than natural diamonds
because they are grown in a controlled laboratory environment rather than
mined from the earth. On an average, lab grown diamonds can be 1/3rd of the price of a mined diamond.
  • Same as natural diamonds
Diamonds grown in a lab are just as real as the mined diamonds. They have the
same chemical composition and physical characteristics and nobody can tell them apart just by looking at them. 
  • Eco-friendly
Diamonds grown in labs have zero environmental impact as they require no mining, whereas natural diamonds employ heavy machinery and explosives in the mining process.
  • Conflict Free

There are often human rights violations, conflicts, and accidents associated with natural diamond mines which is where the name Blood Diamonds comes from, whereas lab-grown diamonds have no negative impacts on either workers or the environment.

  • Larger selection:

Since lab-grown diamonds are produced in the lab, they are available in a
broader range of colors and sizes than natural diamonds.

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